A Look At Your Driveway Layout Options
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A Look At Your Driveway Layout Options

A Look At Your Driveway Layout Options

Concrete Driveway Zona Decorative ConcreteYour home is your castle, and the way it looks from the outside can greatly affect its value, should you ever decide to sell. Curb appeal is important not only when you’re selling your home, but also for keeping your neighborhood attractive and your neighbors happy. If you are considering revamping the outside of your home, don’t forget to think about how your concrete driveway fits in with your overall aesthetic. Keep reading for a look at your options when it comes to driveway layouts.


Also known as a horseshoe driveway, circular driveways are one of the most popular choices when it comes to layouts. Circular driveways are often considered to be safer, as you can pull all the way around and not worry about having to back into oncoming traffic. You can also opt for a teardrop-shaped driveway, which has only one point for entering and exiting but still loops around for easy exiting. Whether you choose a circular or teardrop shape, you’ll need a bit more room in the front of your house. These shapes take up more space, so they are usually not ideal if you have a small front yard.


Curved driveways can be a good choice for both functional and aesthetic reasons. If your garage doesn’t line up directly with the access point from the street, you’ll need to incorporate some curves into your driveway. You may also opt for a curved driveway if you have trees, boulders, or other landscaping features that you want to leave in place. Remember that larger curves are easier for vehicles to navigate, especially delivery trucks.


If you have a small front yard and minimal space between the street and your garage, a straight driveway might be the right choice for you. On the other hand, a straight driveway can also work for very long driveways, giving your home a more majestic, estate-like feel.

Zona Decorative Concrete & Construction, LLC will design and install the perfect driveway for your Tucson home, no matter what shape you would like it to be. Call us at 520-495-4919 to learn more about using decorative concrete for your driveway, patio, hardscape, and more.

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