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Concrete Contractor Testimonials


“Great job! Loved how clean you left everything,  Repair was done well.”

Barbara Zimmerman, Tucson, AZ

“Friendly and you did what you said”

James Sogge, Tucson, AZ

“You get a 10!  Your guys had patience with me over time and worked with my HOA every step of the way.  And my finished driveway is stunning!”

Thank you for your first class service

Kathleen Friedman, Tucson, AZ

“We just want to Thank You for the wonderful job you did on our patio.  It was everything we wanted and more, and our boys love it!  Thank you”

Christine Langan, Tucson, AZ

“Awesome Work! Done in a very timely manner-cleaned up perfect. Great job!”


Amy Wilson, Tucson, AZ

“Mac told us that he would have the work done within 3 days, and he finished on time. His company staked the job with yellow flags while the crew was working. Since the curbing was along the street, this was important for safety. Everything was very neat and tidy during the short time they were here. The crew cleaned up each day and swept the debris off the road.”

Mr. and Mrs. Harris, Tucson, AZ

“Mac is very personable. He’s friendly and has a good understanding of what his customer wants. He didn’t try to persuade us to do anything we didn’t want to do. He listened and performed the work we requested. his bid matched up with what we paid in the end. There were no surprise fees or last minute additions to the bill. Mac does a great job. We are so pleased with Mac’s work, we have asked him to give us an estimate to re-finish our driveway”

Pete & Cecilia M., Tucson, AZ

“The job Zona Decorative Concrete did for us was perfect. When we came home from work on Wednesday night, all the job waste was gone, the ground around the curbing was re-graded and the driveway had been swept off. Other than having the new curbing put in, we never would have known the crew was there. The curbing looks fantastic and matches the city curbing perfectly. We couldn’t be happier.”

Brandie Crane, Tucson, AZ

“A safe and clean work environment was created and maintained during construction to include flagging and staking along project. Thorough clean-up was performed. Quality and service was definitely the contractors priority.”

Anonymous 1, Tucson, AZ

“Mac was one of the few that called back about coming out to talk to us concerning what we wanted done and giving us an estimate. My wife had drawn out some plans that she had in mind. Mac took the sketch and ran with it. He was prompt and professional from the get-go, as was his crew. They did such a fantastic job that my wife and I are thinking of other projects they can help us out with.”
Cynthia M. Tucson, AZ

Cynthia, Tucson, Tucson, AZ