Concrete: More Versatile Than You Think!
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Concrete: More Versatile Than You Think!

Concrete: More Versatile Than You Think!

In the past, concrete was primarily used for making sidewalks, and available in only one color. A lot of us think only of this single utility when we think of this natural stone. However, manufacturing processes have become so refined that concrete is being used today for many different purposes, both outside and inside of the home. Concrete slabs can be stained, stamped, sanded or glossed, and they are available in many different beautiful colors, classy designs and textures to match the d├ęcor of the home.

Decorative concrete used in a patio is available in more than just the standard square shapes. It can be formed into wavy curves to outline the surface of the patio, and coupled with other types of natural stones to add elegance to the exterior of the home. For a playful visual effect, it can be designed to zigzag across the middle of a garden. Or it can be shaped into rounded foot stones leading off into a children’s playground area. Concrete can also be shaped to build a sturdy pool deck. Properly manufactured, concrete is easy to clean and extremely durable, as well as long lasting.

Because of its durable properties, concrete has become very popular as a material for countertops and floors. Depending on the staining and design used, it can be made to look like wood, slate or granite. It can be stained to solid warm colors, or given a mottled or multicolor appearance, to harmonize with other features in the home.

Concrete furniture is relatively new, but it is increasing in popularity because of its carefree use and durability. A concrete desk with a polished white top gives a clean, modern look to a bedroom. A brushed concrete-topped coffee table, set in front of a sofa and centered on a trendy rug, is a stylish fashion statement. A concrete fireplace can be given the appearance of carved stone for a signature designer look. The possibilities are endless.

The best place to get concrete accessories for the home is at a company that specializes in working with this material. Zona Decorative Concrete in Tuczon, Arizona has been working with concrete in innovative ways for 23 years. Zona offers a wide array of expertly crafted decorative concrete products for the home that are designed to appeal to your individual taste and style. Zona Decorative Concrete can give your home the unique look you have always wanted, coupled with award-winning service and competitive pricing.

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