Tips for Your Hardscape Design
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Tips for Your Hardscape Design

Tips for Your Hardscape Design

Hardscaping refers to the placement of non-organic elements in your yard for decorative purposes. A few common examples of hardscaping including fencing, walkways, and lighting. Concrete is a popular material used for hardscaping because it is durable and versatile, making it ideal for outdoor decoration. Keep reading to find out how you can enhance your home’s hardscape design with concrete and other decorative elements.

Check Local Regulations

Before beginning any hardscaping project, it’s best to check your local regulations. Your city or homeowner’s association may have stipulations regarding the type of materials and elements you can include in your yard. Fencing is often regulated by local statues, which limit the height and materials you can use. Some areas of Tucson also require that hardscaping blend into your softscaping—the plants in your yard—naturally to preserve the desert landscape.

Create Usable Space

Hardscaping is designed not only for beauty, but functionality as well. Adding hardscaping to your yard makes it more enjoyable in addition to improving your home’s curb appeal. Focus on creating usable spaces that appeal to you and your family. If you like gardening, adding elements such as a trellis, water feature, pergola, or garden pathway will create a usable space related to your hobby. Patios and decks offer a place for family and friends to gather and enjoy time spent outdoors in comfort. Concrete furniture provides a great place to enjoy the sun that is also maintenance-free. A paved driveway makes it easier to access your home and can provide additional parking for family or guests. Focusing on the elements you’d most like to add to your home will ensure you are pleased with the results of your hardscaping project.

If you’re ready to get started on your Tucson hardscaping project, call Zona Decorative Concrete & Construction, LLC today at 520-495-4919 for a free estimate. We can help you create the perfect outdoor living space in Tucson to enhance the comfort and appearance of your yard. Click through our website to check out some of our work and explore our decorative concrete options.

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