Are you looking to add a driveway to your home or business that looks great, fits well into your landscaping, is long lasting, requires no maintenance, is cost effective and adds elegance, grace and value to your property? The solution to all of these qualities is provided via concrete driveways installed by Zona Decorative Concrete of Tucson.

Concrete offers homeowners and businesses the perfect material for constructing driveways. It is quite durable and does not require maintenance like other commonly used materials such as asphalt or pavers. Concrete is also extremely versatile and is available in many different finishes to resemble various other materials and textures. It can also be dyed or stained to a color of your choice. Our concrete experts can create beautiful, decorative driveways in a host of designs that last for many years and perfectly enhance your property.
Concrete foundations for homes and businesses are the most widely used across the United States and for good reason. Foundations made of concrete are inexpensive, easy to install and provide structures that give excellent protection against the elements. Concrete is also quite durable, being made from a mix of Portland cement, gravel, sand, and water with rebar and other modifications applied to increase structural stability. In the Winter, heat is also stored and slowly released by concrete foundations which help reduce energy costs. In the summer, a nice cool concrete floor is ideal in Tucson homes and businesses.

If you are planning to build a home or business in the Tucson area, our team of concrete professionals at Zona Decorative Concrete & Construction can assist you with all of your foundational needs. Simply contact us and an expert concrete contractor will answer your questions and help with ensuring that your concrete foundation is professionally installed.
Tucson provides the perfect climate for year-round outdoor living. In order to best enjoy the area’s weather, outdoor living spaces can be created at your home or business that offer family fun and friendly entertainment to all those you invite or who visit. Cooking stations, hearths, swimming pools or poolsides spas, and decorative fountains, ponds, and waterfalls can all be added to greatly enhance your landscape and add aesthetic beauty and rich pleasure to your outdoor events.

The professionals at Zona Decorative Concrete & Construction can easily add decorative outdoor concrete patios, food service areas, grills, firepits, bars, benches, foundation and more so that you can enjoy your southwest environment during days or nights or in the winter. We can also apply a variety of surfacing patterns, textures and colors to make your outdoor concrete unique to your taste. Contact us today to receive more information as well as ideas for creating beautiful outdoor living spaces at your Tucson home or business.
Outdoor patios provide a great deal of relaxation and enjoyment whether used by the family or for entertaining guests. Of course, the same pleasure can be gleaned from professionally installed fire pits, steps, walkways, walls, fountains and other ‘hardscape’ elements that add to the aesthetic beauty of your home’s surroundings. Those living in Tucson and the surrounding areas have unique opportunities to enhance their natural environment with patios or other hardscape additions for their pool decks and outdoor living spaces installed by Zona Decorative Concrete.

Concrete has grown in popularity for use in constructing hardscapes. For example, concrete patios have overtaken traditional wood decks, as well as natural stone and concrete pavers, to become the most desired outdoor enhancement according to a National Association of Home Builders survey released in 2012.

The reason for its popularity is that concrete provides durability, low maintenance and cost effectiveness. Furthermore, concrete can be applied using a wide variety of techniques and technologies practiced by Zona Decorative Concrete to create attractive designs in patios and other hardscape additions.
When it comes to durability, style and versatility, concrete is an excellent choice for concrete floors and other exterior hardscape decorations, such as driveways, patios, outdoor living spaces, seat-walls and walkways, or interior surfaces, such as walls or fireplaces. Concrete can not only be shaped into practically any form, but a wide selection of various textures and finishes can be applied to provide a unique look that enhances your specific Tucson home or business design.

Decorative concrete can be obtained in numerous ways. Stamped concrete patterns can be applied to give a look of brick, stone, slate, tile, etc. A broom finish leaves a light texture that is perfect for non-slip surfaces. The sweat finish that Zona Concrete offers is a variation of the broom finish, but is more aesthetically pleasing given the random troweled texture patterns. Exposed aggregate finishes provide a rough stone appearance by eliminating the top concrete layer to expose the contained materials which is another slip-resistant option for your decorative concrete floors. The sand finish option is similar to exposed aggregate, but different because only the smaller sand aggregates are exposed rather than the rock underneath. Color can be applied by either mixing it directly into the concrete or by applying it once the concrete has been laid. Concrete stains can also be applied after curing has taken place. Contact Tucson’s Zona Decorative concrete for more options and information on concrete applications, textures and finishes.

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